Sunday, July 11, 2010

Devils Tower ride

The last day was very pleasant. We rode with Nathan (20 yr old from CA) and his mom most of the day. It was a short day at 68 miles with clear weather. Chris amazed me n some early climbs – they were short (¼ mile) and he went up no handed. Pretty good leg strength.

Lunch was in a small town park. They were having their Jubilee celebration so we saw the parade of horses, firetrucks, and political candidates. It was a very jovial atmosphere.

Towards the end of the day, we stopped at a combination steak & coffee shop (Phu-Phu coffee) for a final treat. We had a good discussion with the owner on different ways to make espresso. Then we started the final down hill into Devils Tower. One car came close to us – for the most part we felt pretty safe with cars on the rad. Two close calls were with mini-vans (side mirror less than a foot from our shoulder). Unfortunately they probably had kids in them and the next generation of drivers was getting trained to drive poorly around cyclists.

We got to Devils Tower – very imposing. We showered and waited for a van ride to Rapid City. We had some nice good byes with people. At the Hampton Inn where we stayed before getting to the airport, USA Today talked about a new program called “Let's Move Outside!” Chris and I laughed – we did that pretty well the last three weeks.

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