Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 6

July 6 Dubois to Riverton, WY 82 miles

Windy – windy – windy

We started with breakfast as “daylight donuts” - food was good but coffee was weak. We stopped at “Kathy's Koffee”and got a double espresso. Dubois is on a trans-continental bike trail so there were several self-supported (carrying own gear) cyclists. We chatted a bit about the pass we came down while we enjoyed a really good coffee. They were headed up what was a dirt road and wanted to know how bad the road was.

The whole day was windy – it varied from 5-15 mph, but was there the whole time. We had on our helmet liners and wind shells over our thermal gloves. My home made goretex shells worked great. The scenery was bizarre – red layered rock canyons along the sides. Had the sun been out, it would have been really spectacular.

We took turns fighting the wind to the 41 mile lunch spot. They had a really good, warm Mexican soup that hit the spot. After lunch Chris latched on to a strong staff members wheel (staff rides one day and works the next). The two of them rode the rest of the day together.

It was nice that the tent was set up when I arrived – that is a treat!

The wind really wore me down. I took a 90 minute nap after showering – that is really unusual for me. However, I needed the rest.

Dinner was a bit light – they ran out of food. Later in the evening Chris and I biked into town and had nacho platter at a Mexican restaurant. That really hit the spot.

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