Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4 & 5

July 4

We had a great day off. Anne and Nancy were visiting with our friend Bonnie. We had coffee and bagels in the camp ground. Then we drove up to Tetons National Park. I had been there years ago as a teenager., It is so gorgeous. We drove tp Jenny Lake and took the ferry across. We hiked up to Hidden Falls and just enjoyed the view. It was a good relaxing day for Chris and I. Not to strenuous, but it did keep us moving. I'll post some photos of the area.

July 5 – 102 miles. Jackson, WY to Dubois,WY

This day looked intimidating from the route sheet as it had a big climb(17 miles with 5000 feet elevation gain). However, we had a bit of a tail wind so that was great. The ride started off along the Tetons – we rode on a bike path at the foot of the range. It was incredible. The sun was coming up and the mountains were in glow. So beautiful.

We exited the park and had lunch at a wild life viewing spot at 55 miles. Then the climb started. It never got too steep, but it was a road under construction, so that made it hard. It was basically dirt and gravel for several miles. The top was over 9900 feet. I am acclimating to the altitude and was nearly out of breath as I was at Teton Pass at 8600 feet. Anne, Bonnie and Nancy came driving along right as I got to the summit. That was a fun quick reunion. They had left Jackson hours after us and toured the Teton park a bit.

The downhill descent was a bit rough as the shoulder was pretty narrow and cars did not give us much room. They were probably frustrated passing all the bikes on the uphill and now wanted to get going. At one point we had a 20 mph tail wind with a downhill. I basically ran out of gears and could not pedal any harder – that felt good.

We got to town and met the ladies one last time – Nancy got me a coffee milk shake and that hit the spot.

Dinner was at a local restaurant- good trout and homemade pie.

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