Friday, June 25, 2010

june 25 - quick update

Two hard days. I will write quick and then fill in more details later. I am sitting ion the Thompson Falls, public library and have not showered yet.I came into town to do a few quick errands - including mailing home a package of extra stuff we don't need.

Thursday 6/24 95 miles
day started slow. then Chris took off after a water break at 16 miles. Mark from Texas and I stuck with him. I don't knw what Chris had for breakfast, but it put Wheaties to shame. We cruised for abut 40 miles, then entered a bike path. it was incredible - 45 miles of barely traveled path. we saw three moose along the way. we had a slight tail wind and went about 20 mph.

we stayed at a school near a ski resort. we were there so early (5 1/2 hours for 95 miles) we had time to go to town. the grocery store lady was interested in our trip and also directed us to a Greek restaurant for an internet connection. The owner there had a nice talk with us.

Friday 6/25 70 miles
tough start - a pace line went by so Mark, Chris and I got on at 22 mph. Way beyond my normal league. I was with it for 25 miles and then realized I was missing some great scenery - plus we had a hard climb coming up. I dropped back and enjoyed the ride along a rushing mountain river, with green mountains all around.

The climb was up to 4800 feet - Thompson Pass. It was 6 miles with steep grades. Lunch at the top was a great break. We had an 11 mle descent - very enjoyable! Near the bottom we stopped at a saloon for coffee - no more espresso drive-thru huts. The bar tebnder gave us all free coffee. he had a big "welcome bikers" banner in front - but I think we ere the wrong kind of biker.

More later when I have time - now I will shower.

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