Monday, June 28, 2010

Misc thoughts

Breakfasts are typically eggs, bacon, oatmeal and cold cereals. Sometimes cooked by the school, sometimes cooked by a service group like Elks or Lions.
Lunches are picnic style. Cycle America sets up an awning behind a trailer and there are tables of deli meats, PB, & sliced vegetables. Often they have a good soup on cold days or some themed treat like Chinese Pot Stickers, Mediterranean Salads, etc. There is also cut fruit, nuts, candies, etc. It is so easy to stay and eat – that is how we stay too long.
Dinners are usually at the school, but occasionally out. Pasta and chicken have been common, with good veggies and salads.

Typically we camp on the school grounds – maybe an athletic field or the grass around the school. We slept in a gym once – that is a bit noisier at first but then it quiets pretty quick.


we had rain the first two days, but great weather since then. Usually it is cool in the mornings but then it heats up in the afternoons. Today got up to 95.

We have really enjoyed stopping at the drive thru coffee shacks. Typically we get espressos. At one of them, the guy on the other side had just seen us climb 7 miles to Waterville. He bought our drinks for us. At another, Chris asked for a “dirty espresso” - the lady had never heard of it so he explained how to layer the sugar and grounds to brew it. She was happy to learn a new thing. At another,we had been facing a head wind for many miles. The scenery also was monotonous. we were getting low in spirts – we saw “Lynnes – best coffee in town” and had a double shot each. Lynne was so chatty – it was great. She was interested in hearing about the trip, where we were headed, etc. it really raised our spirits for the last 20 miles.

They are working pretty well. We had to buy a new wheel for Chris after his fall. One of my pedals is getting stiff so I bought a new set at REI in Missoula. I hope to avoid using them by greasing the old ones – we will see. We shift to better mountain gears before we left – that has served us well.

Well being and health
We have a few maladies. My bottom really hurts – two sore spots where I hit the seat. I use bandages and antibiotic cream and it is much better.
We have dramatic tan lines at our arms and legs. I think I burned my lips as they are very sensitive.
Sometimes the long days can get to us. For example, Saturday was a long day and the road noise, heat, head wind got to us. We persevered, but those days are tough.

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