Thursday, June 17, 2010

Where is my bike??? Delivered!

Well, a bit of panic is setting in.

Chris and I shipped our bikes last week and they tracked together all week. Earlier this week they both arrived in Seattle at 11:30 pm. Chris's went out to the final destination of Everett a few hours later. Mine has not moved since the 14th. UPS has searched both the Seattle and Everett distribution warehouses and not found it. There is a "lost package" tracer on it, but that does not give a lot of confidence. It may be on a truck headed to Everett and just did not get scanned or it may be lost. . . panic!

This is the high end Independent Fabrication bicycle I bought last fall. It feels great to ride and I love it.

I have already started searching Craig's list in Seattle in case someone stole it and is trying to sell it quick.

My fall back plan is to take my trusty old Bianchi instead. . . at least I know where it is in the garage! It works, but is not quite the same.

More news to follow when I hear something.

9 am Friday - still no news. Multiple daily calls to UPS with west coast warehouse searches have not amounted to anything.

I rode my old Bianchi yesterday and will take that with me on the plane. It works, but is not the same.


2 pm Friday - UPS just called - both bikes were delivered. Even though mine was not scanned, it still traveled through to Everett. The power of the internet is it lets you get up to the minute information. The problem is when that information is wrong!

Now I am ready!


  1. Major bummer. Hope it shows up soon.

  2. Can't wait for the next update! I hope its been fun so far!