Monday, June 28, 2010

Mon June 28

Mon June 28

79 miles – hot!

Waking and packing in a dorm is so nice. It is easier to find things, no tent or sleeping bag to put away, We enjoy camping but our things get scattered and we get a slow start. Breakfast at the U of Montana cafeteria was great. We never know how much to eat -it can be hard to stop.

We rode a bit thru the Missoula urban area, then got out to the scenery. We followed a river most of the day. The bad news is it was flowing the other way, so it was mostly an uphill day. The day started cool but ended near 95 degrees. I wore a sleeveless jersey with arm warmers, but should have had on my windbreaker. That would have been more comfortable.

By lunch it warmed up and we had a good afternoon ride. We always seem to spend too much time at lunch and then it is hard ot start up again. From now on we plan on eating quick and heading out – maybe taking a PB&J with us.

I got my first flat in the afternoon. Not too bad to change.

The area is a lot less populated – no coffee shops. We got to 78.5 and there was a drive thru place. We stopped for a cool coffee drink and then rode the last half mile. This school did not have much hot water, so we had cold showers. That can be tough. We enjoyed a root beer float before a lasagne dinner.

As a bit of trivia, we are in the town where the Uni-bomber was hiding

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